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FM fuel rail only

FM fuel rail only

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This is the fuel rail only. It does not include lines or FPR adapters or hardware or anything else. It's literally one piece of metal and nothing else. 

Miatas have a bit of a fuel distribution problem. Our exclusive dual-feed rail ensures that all the cylinders get the fuel they need so you can make power safely. It also maximizes the amount of fuel each injector can deliver.

The rail itself is machined out of an aluminum billet and hard anodized. This means they're E85 compatible, so they're ideal for anyone who's figured out that you can buy race gas at the pump! This is the same rail we use with our Big Fuel Kit, and it's shown itself to be capable of keeping up with 1000 cc injectors.

Fits all 1.8 NA and NB engines. 3/8 NPT threads on the ends, 1/4 NPT for the two FPR outlets. You will need to plug at least one of those FPR outlets.


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04-46591 1994-05