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Flyin' Miata aluminum lug nut (set of 16)

Flyin' Miata aluminum lug nut (set of 16)

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Available individually elsewhere on the site, this is a set of 16 for your NA, NB, or ND. 

Made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy for high strength, fully threaded and light weight (~1 oz each), these are some high performance lug nuts. They use a 19mm socket for the best combination of strength and clearance. We even put the torque spec right on the side of the nut just in case you have a senior moment. Not that this would ever happen to you.

You can use an impact on these, although the anodizing will wear off - to avoid that, break them loose by hand, then use an impact to spin them off. 

The knurled style allows you to spin the nut on and off quickly but requires a deep socket.

Fits all Miatas as well as other cars with a 12x1.5 thread pitch.


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Customer Reviews

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Andrew B.

Cool lugs. Hold wheel on the car. I like the torque spec written on them. Very helpful since I always forget.

Gabe P.
Great Value

I think these are pretty reasonably priced, and they are VERY light compared to the stock lugs. They also look really nice! I do wish the finish was a little more durable, but that's more to do with my haphazard nature when it comes to removing them and installing them. All's I could really suggest is that FM sells them standalone, in case you mess one up you can buy a replacement without having to get another set.

Yeah, while the finish is durable, there's also a limit. If you want to keep them nice looking, we always break them loose by hand then spin them off with an impact. Also, we do sell them individually, you can find those here:

Thomas S.
Light and Simple Lug Nuts

What can I say, they thread on and keep your wheel on the car.... which is nice. They are very light and I like the look of the deep open end design. The black color worked great on the club ND, with all the trim being black on that car and the black accents on my aftermarket wheels. Not sure how the finish compares to other options out there since this is the first set of aftermarket lug nuts I've bought. But after tightening and loosening them twice with hand tools, some of the finish on the edges is staring to wear off. That being said, I don't think there is anything you can really do about that so I cant fault FM for that. Also, the torque spec on the lug nut is actually pretty convenient. Don't have to go look it up all the time since I don't take the wheels on and off that often normally.