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Flyin Miata tool kit with 2nd gen tools (2001-05 VVT engine)

Flyin Miata tool kit with 2nd gen tools (2001-05 VVT engine)

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Please note that our printer farm is working around the clock to keep up with demand. We should be able to ship backorders within a few days.

We've done hundreds and hundreds of timing belt changes at Flyin' Miata. And we know that just a few simple tools can make them much easier. These all started as tools we made for use in the shop, then made them available for every Miata owner. Buy them all together and save!

The second generation seal installers are made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. This avoids any potential scratches to the metal surfaces of the engine. It's also less likely to get dented or gouged while bouncing around your toolbox, which minimizes the chance of damage to the rubber seal. Our new Ninja tool stays in place better than our original design, allows you to torque the cam gears (no goofy crescent wrench and C-clamp combination), and lines up with the marks on the cam gears to ensure you get the timing correct. The crank bolt tool remains laser cut steel because of the very high torque required.

Printed on our Markforged printer out of Onyx materal. Onyx has much better chemical resistance than other materials used in additive manufacturing. This new production method allows us to bring the price down while improving the parts at the same time!

Kit contains:

crank bolt holding tool cam gear ninja tool front seal installation tool cam seal installer tool for exhaust cam cam seal installer tool for VVT intake cam

For 2001-05 cars with the VVT engine. Not for the Mazdaspeed, it will use the 1991-00 version.

Note: the video below shows a previous version of the ninja tool.



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Emissions do not apply.


1 year


35-69001 VVT

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
so worth it

Did my timing belt job without the crank and cam seal tools to try to save some cash. Big mistake, wound up leaking.

Bit the bullet and bought the cam & crank seal tools. Holy crap I should've done this from the get go. It was so easy to set the seals and not worry about a dang thing!

If you're on the fence, do it. It makes the job so easy and the confidence in knowing it's set is priceless.

Why did I ever do this job without these tools!?!?

If fought crank bolts and tried to drive seals straight with a socket or piece of pipe. I finally gave in and bought these tools. Wow! So easy with the right tools for the job. 100% confident that the seals are in right.