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Flyin' Miata rear tow hook for ND

Flyin' Miata rear tow hook for ND

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If you're going to the track, it's always a good plan to have a tow hook. It's required for race cars, but even at a track day you don't want to be That Guy who's stuck in the gravel trap with no means of extrication.

You can use the factory one if you want, but you've only got one of them and it's got an awfully small ring in it. It's also not legal for racing for this reason.

Our Flyin' Miata tow hooks screw into the threaded receiver behind the rear bumper, giving a solid mounting point and eliminating any chance of paint damage. The hook itself rotates for best access. They meet SCCA regulations for size and location. They can be installed for the day or left in place permanently if you want everyone to know what you do on weekends.

Sold individually.

Easy installation with a 19mm wrench. Note that we have found that Mazda's threads are not always in good shape. Patience and a bit of oil will help.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I recently purchased the tow hook, and I must say it's of exceptional quality. The stainless steel construction not only adds durability but also gives it a sleek appearance. As theft is a concern everywhere, I appreciate the decision to keep it in my trunk. Overall, a great addition to my vehicle!

Loose ring and faded paint

I bought this tow hook a little more than half a year ago, and maybe left it on the car for a month or so. Fitment was good, and installation was quick. However, the ring is loose and it moves pretty freely on the tow hook. It's not tightly attached to the tow hook itself. I can observe some space between the ring and the screw. There is no way to tighten it with that much of space. The paint also started to fade after a month or two.

This sounds like a defective product, unfortunately WZ had thrown the ring away before we reached out, so we were unable to investigate further. If you have issues like this, please reach out prior to leaving a review, we'd very much like to make it right.

Snug fit

The actual quality of the hook looks to be very solid and well built. I'm surprised at the level of quality at this price point. As far as installation i did have some trouble as it appears that Mazda allowed some paint spray into the mounting hole. This makes the initial installation very frustrating and it feels as if you are cross threading it but be calm. It WILL fit and after working it through a few times it's a solid fit. I get compliments for it all the time and I hope I never need to use it but I'm glad I have it!