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Flyin' Miata NC Little Big Brake Kit (rear only, red)

Flyin' Miata NC Little Big Brake Kit (rear only, red)

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There are a number of Wilwood front big brake kits on the market. But only one that addresses the rear of the car.

In the rear, we used the same exclusive Powerlite rear caliper that we've also used on earlier Miatas. This stiff little aluminum four-piston caliper includes a parking brake mechanism, so you're not sacrificing anything. In order to fit the caliper, we had to change to a slightly larger 11.9" rear rotor - stock is 11.5". It's originally from a Mazda5, so replacements are easy to source from Flyin' Miata or elsewhere. Despite using larger, heavier rotor, this kit still comes in over 2 lbs. lighter than the stock brakes.

The Powerlite rear caliper has been modified to use the factory handbrake cables, even factory clips so it's a really clean install. The handbrake is not as powerful as the stock setup, so while it can be used to hold the car on a moderate grade, it is not suitable for initiating handbrake turns.

The rear brakes fit under stock 17" wheels. We have not tested it with stock 16" setups. Please note that the stainless steel brake lines included with the kit are not the same as the ones used with stock calipers.

Templates to check clearance!

The kit includes:
Stainless steel brake lines
Wilwood Powerlite handbrake rear calipers with BP-10 pads
new rear rotors



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