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Flyin' Miata ND high flow midpipe

Flyin' Miata ND high flow midpipe

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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Built with a high-flow cat and 2.5 stainless pipe for maximum flow and a sportier tone without being obnoxious. The main body of the pipe has a lifetime warranty. Includes an O2 sensor bung after the cat. Beneficial for any turbocharged or supercharged car as well as naturally aspriated.

No loss in ground clearance. 5 yr/50,000 mile warranty on the 300 cell ceramic catalytic converter housing and 25,000 miles on the internals (its ability to pass an emissions test), lifetime warranty on everything else. Warranty details. Fits with all factory bracing, but does not fit cars with automatic transmissions.

For the ND chassis. 

As with all of our catalytic converters, this cat is emissions-certified. Specifically, it's EPA-approved for this application. Please note that these are not CARB legal and we cannot ship them to California. They're also not legal in states requiring CARB cats. That's California, Colorado, New York, and Maine.



Ships free in the US.

Shipping restrictions: Cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, Maine or New York

What does it fit?


50 state legal!





Customer Reviews

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I have this mid pipe installed with a Goodwin Racing Super Street Twin Tip and this combo is amazing. I was back and forth with getting the HOM but decided I would probably leave it open all the time anyway, so I went with the Goodwin setup instead. WOW, what a difference. I really didn’t expect the massive improvement in midrange torque and acceleration! The car is truly transformed. The throttle response is immediate and the pull feels linear all the way to redline. I have the Goodwin on the stock mid pipe for 6 months, so it isn’t their muffler that is making the difference. It is the FM mid pipe that changes everything. If you have been on the fence, get off and buy this now.

Super easy install. Did it myself on jack-stands in the garage. Having a helper would save some time, but 100% doable on your own. Build quality is also excellent. Finally, sounds great without any drone at all. Seriously, buy this product. You wont regret it.

2021 MX5 ND2 GTS - FM Mid Pipe - FM Big Brake 6 Piston Willwood Fronts with 12.8 inch Rotor - FM 4 piston Willwood Rears with StopTech slotted rotors - Progress Lowering Springs - FM Kogeki 17 X 9 wheels - Goodwin Super Street Twin Tip

Sean F.

Installed on my '19 Club in my driveway with a floor jack and jack stands and (mostly) hand tools. Took the afternoon, including a burger run and a home depot run for better gloves. Build quality was 10/10, and sound is awesome combined with the Hush-O-Matic muffler.

Installation is extremely straightforward; the instructions are very good, and so is the FM Youtube video that shows every step in detail.

Tips for the home mechanic:

* The last two nuts holding the forward section of the stock midpipe in are a doozy. I used an electric impact wrench, and highly recommend it - especially if you have limited clearance for improvised leverage. If you have neither an impact nor clearance, use a lot of PB Blaster and patience.

* Installation of the o2 bung requires a 10mm hex bit. You might not have one on hand, so grab one from the store before you start work.

Next best thing to the HoM

Intoxicating to say the least. The midpipe opens up the airways and changes the tone of the HoM to a more throaty sound and added response.

Installation is fairly straightforward. You really have to tighten (and in my case, retighten) down on those exhaust clamps several times to ensure the sections of the midpipe stay put.

A great addition to the HoM, which I leave wide open all the time!

Loud, but very refined!

Install was straightforward even with no prior experience and no lift. It was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more. I only had the Hush-O-Matic beforehand and always felt the tone could be more crisp. This delivers on that with so much more volume. Impressive on being able to create such a loud yet very engineered note out of a I4.

Good but could be better

Finish could be better. Installed with HOM muffler and Can kit. The mid pipe came with significant burs at the end of each pipe. Had to file it all down and use muffler cement on the joints to get a good seal