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Flyin' Miata tow hook - ND front, NC front or rear

Flyin' Miata tow hook - ND front, NC front or rear

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If you're going to the track, it's always a good plan to have a tow hook. It's required for race cars, but even at a track day you don't want to be That Guy who's stuck in the gravel trap with no means of extrication.

You can use the factory one if you want, but you've only got one of them and it's got an awfully small ring in it. It's also not legal for racing for this reason.

Our Flyin' Miata tow hooks screw into the threaded receiver behind the front bumper, giving a solid mounting point and eliminating any chance of paint damage. The hook itself rotates for best access. They meet SCCA regulations for size and location. They can be installed for the day or left in place permanently if you want everyone to know what you do on weekends.

Sold individually. If you want tow points at each end of your NC, you'll need two. Please note that these don't fit the Fiat 124, they're too short. 

Easy installation with a 19mm wrench.


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