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Flyin' Miata crankshaft bolt tool

Flyin' Miata crankshaft bolt tool

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Looking for a way to hold the crank in place as you torque down the big crank bolt? Or maybe to hold the crank in place as you take the old one off? Here's your solution. It's a direct copy of the home-made one we've been using at the FM shop since the early 90s.

One end fits the short nose 1990-91 crank, the other fits the 1991-05 big nose. Simply attach with the bolts from your accessory pulley and lean on that center bolt all you want. Laser cut and cadmium plated for forever life without the sharp edges of stainless steel.

Perfect for a club toolbox or at home. Will drastically reduce profanity usage during a timing belt change. Now compatible with our ATi damper!

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