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Flyin' Miata CAN interface for ND V8 Miatas

Flyin' Miata CAN interface for ND V8 Miatas

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This gateway allows the GM and Mazda CAN systems to merge as part of an LS3 swap. It retains function of the start/stop button and the full gauge cluster along with ABS. The custom software loaded into this gateway is only available from Flyin' Miata.

The following functions are not supported:

  • lane departure
  • cruise control (not found in the GM performance PCM)
  • indirect TPMS (no wheel sensors, as used in the ND1). Direct TPMS functions.
  • Dynamic Stability Control

It is designed to work with the GM Performance controller kit. It will probably work with a junkyard PCM but we have not tested this application.

GM uses the same PIDs across their entire line of modern controllers, so this gateway may work with other swaps like an LFX. It does override the EPAS signals, however, so there may be problems there. We have not tested any other integrations other than the LS3 controller and cannot offer any custom programming at this time.

To the best of our knowledge, this will also work on the Fiat 124 Spider but we have not tested this.

Note that this is a kit that includes the wiring and connectors required to install this in a car - not shown in the pictures. Some splicing is required, but if that scares you we have bad news about doing an engine swap...


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