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Flyin' Miata 2nd generation rear main seal installer tool

Flyin' Miata 2nd generation rear main seal installer tool

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Rear main seals are a pain to install. If you push them in just a bit too far, there's no way to pull them back out again and you usually end up trashing the seal. That's frustrating - especially if you don't have an extra seal on hand.

Enter the FM rear crank seal installer. Simply slip the seal over the edge of the crank, put the installer over top and tighten it down using a few of the stock flywheel bolts. When the tool bottoms out, the seal is perfectly installed. A great addition to your tool box.

Our new tool is made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. This avoids any potential scratches to the metal surfaces of the engine. It's also less likely to get dented or gouged while bouncing around your toolbox, which minimizes the chance of damage to the rubber seal.

Printed on our Markforged printer out of Onyx materal. Not only is Onyx strong, it's also highly resistant to chemicals such as oil and gasoline - unlike many other materials used in additive manufacturing. This new production method allows us to bring the price down while improving the part at the same time!

Fits all 1990-05 Miata engines.

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