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Flyin' Miata forged turbo pistons by Wiseco (NA/NB 1.8)

Flyin' Miata forged turbo pistons by Wiseco (NA/NB 1.8)

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Wiseco pistons are widely recognized as some of the finest performance pistons in the world - and they make these exclusively for Flyin' Miata! These are not the same Wisecos you'll find elsewhere, but are stronger and quieter thanks to years of gradual refinements. We even use higher quality rings (made in Japan, the pistons are made in the US) for better sealing.

Forged from high-strength 2618 alloy to deal with the abuse of a high-boost motor, these were recently reworked with a strutted design for massive strength. They're probably going to be the strongest thing in your motor - this is a 1200 hp slug. The profile of the piston is also designed to minimize piston rock, making them much quieter than most forged pistons.

The skirts are given a moly coating for low friction, and there's a ceramic coating on top of the piston to protect it from the heat of high power. This keeps the heat in the combustion chamber where it makes happy horses, not in the oil where it makes the baby dinosaurs cry. We also designed them to run without the factory oil squirters, which gives higher oil pressure, lower oil consumption and higher power levels due to a drop in pumping losses.

Perfect for extreme use, such as high boost operation. Use with our Carrillo rods for a bulletproof bottom end. This combination weighs 1/4 lb per cylinder less than stock. 84mm bore (1884cc) with 9:1 compression ratio for turbo applications. Includes rings and tapered tool steel wrist pins. Sold in sets of four. Fits NA and NB 1.8 blocks. 

So how, specifically, are these different than the standard Wisecos? The dome and skirt coatings account for the bulk of the price difference, but we've also tweaked the specific dimensions to make them the best pistons - for turbo use - possible. 


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