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Blackbird Fabworx fire extinguisher bracket for NA and NB

Blackbird Fabworx fire extinguisher bracket for NA and NB

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Stuff happens. And if that stuff involves fire, you'll probably wish you had a fire extinguisher handy. Like, right now.

This bracket from Blackbird Fabworx puts an extinguisher bottle within easy reach so you can quickly grab it when you need it. No reaching behind you to get to the roll bar. It also lets you use a decent size 2.5 lb bottle instead of the tiny toy ones you often see in cars.

The bracket attaches to the front seat bolts for easy and secure installation. Add your own extinguisher and a steel bracket and you're good to go. The extinguisher will be tucked under your legs, easy to access and out of the way. Can be mounted to either the driver or passenger side.

Extinguisher and bracket not included. We recommend 2.5 lb bottles with metal hardware and steel brackets. B and C ratings are more important than A.

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