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Extended lower ball joints for NA/NB

Extended lower ball joints for NA/NB

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Legal for NASA Spec Miata! The NASA rulebook will specify a Flyin' Miata part number.

Sold as a pair. One pair is needed per car.

Looking for more front camber, but are frustrated with slipping bushings or hampered by minimal spring clearance? Don't want to run a too-low ride height just to get enough negative camber? Here's your solution.

This extended lower ball joint bolts in place of the factory unit, but adds 3° of negative camber by pushing the bottom of the tire outboard. You'll gain clearance instead of losing it, and there's no chance they'll slip. Perfect for autocrossers or anyone looking to get as much negative camber as possible. If you want, you can even swap back and forth between these and stock units to change from street to track alignment without touching your alignment cams. At stock ride height, you'll be able to run between -.5° and -3.5° of camber.

With a forged body, they're stronger than OE parts. Made by the wizards at Bauer LTD and will fit all NA or NB Miatas. Includes the nut.

Be aware that the late NB upper control arms have some extra bracing that can rub on the shock body with certain alignment settings. After installing these ball joints and realigning your car to the desired specifications, please check your suspension for clearance.

Legal for SCCA STR and STS. Legal for NASA Spec Miata. +2 points for NASA TT/PT.


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