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The Little Enchilada

The Little Enchilada

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Fits: 2004 MSM, 2005 MSM

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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Warranty: 1 year

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Want to make your Mazdaspeed into the car it should have been from the factory? Our Little Enchilada package includes everything you need to optimize the powertrain without getting into injectors or computer modifications. The end result does not cause check engine lights, provides more low-end torque and a smoother powerband with about 33% more power. All of our parts are designed to work as an integrated system, so you won't feel as if you're trying to patch together a bunch of unrelated bits.

If you want to take your stock Mazdaspeed up to right around 200 hp at the wheels, you'll follow the first four suggestions in our recommended upgrade path. We've taken these parts and bundled them together for you so you not only get a suite of products designed to work together, you also save money!

The Little Enchilada package includes the following:
FM intake
FM throttle body inlet pipe
recirculating Turbosmart bypass valve
FM O2 signal modifier
FM downpipe
FM midpipe and exhaust
FM intercooler
check valve kit
FM boost gauge kit and gauge pod.

The Little Enchilada will happily pass an OBD-II check, but it cannot be shipped to California as it does not have an EO. The downpipe cannot be shipped to Colorado, New York, or Maine due to emissions requirements. Emissions will not be a problem in any other state or province, as the cat is EPA-approved for this application. The intake is not compatible with RHD cars that have air conditioning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Improvement...Great Company...glad the lil enchilada is now available

Bought a pretty stock MSM 2005 in summer of 2023 and the lil enchilada was not available, but some of the kit was available...bought everything I could from flyin' miata and found the air intake kit from someone on the boards...

Once the entire package was installed, i fell completely in love with the transformation from awesome machine to superb!

Disclosure, I was unable to source the O2 signal modifier separately, so that is not on my sweet little ride.

Other notes, I do agree one of the other reviews that the hose fitting barely holds onto the pipe, so tightening just right is crucial. Also I have to commend FlyinMiata customer service and management as they helped me every step of the way as I phase installed this kit.

also if you read and re-read the instructions, I found very few weaknesses...but this came through me going over them repeatedly, watched videos etc.

If you want your MSM to make you smile even more than it! Just accept that you wont be going back to factory totally because you are cutting the intercooler pipes...(btw the intercooler videos are very helpful. Despite others complaints, by removing the front clip, I was able to bend the A/c lines out of the way and put the Intercooler in using the provided directions and pre drilled holes. (one fourm dude indicated needing to drill a different hole for alignment....not the case on my 2005, all FM plans were accurate.

Thx FM team

Exhaust is too loud

Definitely makes a lot more power, but my car is now the loudest one wherever I go and it's embarassing...

Note from FM: If anything, we typically get the opposite comment about our exhaust. Please check to be sure there are no leaks. One of the most common issues is an open O2 sensor bung.

Excellent product, worth every penny!

I purchased my MSM new in 2004. Nine years later I purchased a Little Enchilada. Everything fit perfectly with no issues whatsoever. The result was much better throttle response, a great sound from the intake and the exhaust, a lot more power, and no problems, never even a CEL. My only regret is not having made this mod years earlier. I�m still driving this car primarily because of the vast improvement in performance with the Little Enchilada.

Good but needs some work.

This is my second MSM but my first with the complete Little Enchilada kit. My first MSM just had a few of the pieces. The biggest bang for the buck comes from the downpipe. This complete certainly builds power quickly and I recommend it, however, there are a few points that need addressing. First, the intake fitment is not great. There is one hose that goes to boost supply connection cannot be overtightened. The hose keeps slipping off. Just snug the clamp down. You also have to twist some of the pipes a bit to get everything together before you tighten the clamps. Second, the instructions start pretty good but then gets a little confusing because when you talk with tech support (which is good), they use a little different terminology. The instructions could use more pictures in the last half. There were plenty of pictures starting out. Last, I think the chrome pieces should be offered in a high-temp black. I think it would probably be a little less expensive and fitment could be made better.

(note: the metal parts are polished stainless steel. Painting or powdercoating them would increase the cost and would not age as well - Flyin' Miata)


very pleased with fit and finish the performance is great! installed on a weekend