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DRL kit, 1990-2015 (NA/NB/NC)

DRL kit, 1990-2015 (NA/NB/NC)

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Daytime running lights (DRLs) have been proven over the years to make vehicles safer. They also give your car a more modern, updated look. Not all US Miatas came with the wiring necessary to use the factory DRL module, and the factory modules tend to be a bit pricey. This universal DRL module is the best we've found. It combines a more affordable price with all the automated functionality you'd expect from a DRL module. This kit illuminates the park/turn signal circuit, so it does not reduce the life of your headlights.

There are two ways that the module can be installed:

 Illuminating the park lights as DRLs - this is ideal for use with our switchback front turn signal bulbs (28-10X00) as it illuminates the bright white light, or for those using standard amber-colored LEDs it offers a more subtle DRL light output. Illuminating the turn signal lights as DRLs - this is for those with standard amber-colored LEDs that want that intense light output.

The module automatically suspends the DRL when the turn signal is activated on a particular side. There is also the option to have both DRLs suspended if either turn signal is used.

There are two installation methods covered in the instructions. Please note that the first option above will make it so the park lights only work when the ignition switch is on.

This kit will work with incandescent bulbs but only on the park light circuit. We suggest LEDs to eliminate any concerns of melting the housing.

The use of a LED flasher or resistors is required to prevent hyperflash.

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