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DRL kit, 1990-2015 (NA/NB/NC)

DRL kit, 1990-2015 (NA/NB/NC)

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Daytime running lights (DRLs) have been proven over the years to make vehicles safer. They also give your car a more modern, updated look. Not all US Miatas came with the wiring necessary to use the factory DRL module, and the factory modules tend to be a bit pricey. This universal DRL module is the best we've found. It combines a more affordable price with all the automated functionality you'd expect from a DRL module. This kit illuminates the park/turn signal circuit, so it does not reduce the life of your headlights.

There are two ways that the module can be installed:

 Illuminating the park lights as DRLs - this is ideal for use with our switchback front turn signal bulbs (28-10X00) as it illuminates the bright white light, or for those using standard amber-colored LEDs it offers a more subtle DRL light output. Illuminating the turn signal lights as DRLs - this is for those with standard amber-colored LEDs that want that intense light output.

The module automatically suspends the DRL when the turn signal is activated on a particular side. There is also the option to have both DRLs suspended if either turn signal is used.

There are two installation methods covered in the instructions. Please note that the first option above will make it so the park lights only work when the ignition switch is on.

This kit will work with incandescent bulbs but only on the park light circuit. We suggest LEDs to eliminate any concerns of melting the housing.

The use of a LED flasher or resistors is required to prevent hyperflash.

Note that the install is a bit more involved on NCs, be sure to read through the instructions first if you have any concerns. 



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Customer Reviews

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Martin N.
Does not work for NC3

First, for the NC2 or Nc3, you need to either take out the bumper or take out the wheels to get through the fender liners. Second, instructions do not correspond with the coloring of the cabling lights. Red/gray color for parking light and Green/grey for turn signal. You need a voltimeter to verify them. It is better to install it on the passenger side. The driver's side is so cramped that is very difficult to work on the cables and find a spot for the module. It is important to disable the park light cable on both sides since the module now will manage them. Finally, it worked!.

We worked through this with Martin, and the colors are at the very least confusing on NCs, between sub harnesses and main harnesses. We'll get the instructions updated to address this on future installs.

2004 M.
Works as advertised

Installed this last week along with Diode Dynamics switchbacks on front, amber LED bulbs on the rear turn signals with an LED flasher replacing the incandescent flasher module. Directions were good enough to get it spliced in, it would be nice if the OEM wire colors were noted on the wiring diagrams. Also it's better to mount the module up front on the PASSENGER side. You won't have to loom in the power connection as far.
I mounted mine on the plastic relay bracket on the driver side next to the pwr. steering reservoir. I loomed all of the wires in the harness by soldering & marine heat shrinking the splices. Everything worked perfect and the Diode Dynamics switchbacks are very bright and very white DRLs. Thanks to FM for recommending this brand! I also went with their yellow H11 on my fog lights and they look great!
FYI:You can spend $140 for a Mazda DRL module IF your harness has TWO plugs for it at the relay panel and IF you are okay with burning your low beam headlights as DRLs. (I have a Mazda wiring diagram manual and looked it up)

Buy it!

Installed on a 1999, along with the NB flasher relay and 1157 HP11 LEDs. Installation for me was rough because I am more visual and originally the 3-way butt connectors made no sense. I eventually figured it out and ended up soldering all the connections and eliminating the butt connectors. Space is tight and if I did it again I may see if removing the headlamp gives me better access. I might also strip a portion of the wire (instead of cutting), and then solder instead of using the 3-way butt connectors. I did this when I got to connecting to a switched power source and feel this might be a better and easier solution but everyone is different.

In the end this is not much money to update your car and if only 1 person sees me when otherwise they would not have, then it makes it all worth it. Great stuff FM.


I got the DRL kit a couple weeks ago. Install was not bad, directions were fine.
I also have the switchback LEDs so they are bright white and turn amber when the turn signal is activated.
I like being seen in this little xar, safety first