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Mazdaspeed downpipe/catalytic converter upgrade

Mazdaspeed downpipe/catalytic converter upgrade

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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Replace the restrictive and heavy downpipe on your Mazdaspeed with this 2.5" stainless steel version. When combined with our Mazdaspeed exhaust, it offers noticeably faster spoolup and a good increase in power. We measured a 23 hp and 26 lb-ft increase on our dyno. If Mazda had delivered the car like this from the factory there would be a lot less interest in aftermarket upgrades! An extremely popular upgrade for Mazdaspeeds.

Beautifully made out of stainless steel with polished flanges, this is a long-lived upgrade. So long that we offer it with a lifetime warranty. It`s also 7.2 lbs lighter than stock as an extra bonus.

As with all of our catalytic converters, this cat is emissions-certified. Specifically, it's EPA-approved for this application. Please note that these are not CARB legal and we cannot ship them to California. They're also not legal in states requiring CARB cats. That's California, Colorado, New York, and Maine.

5 year/50,000 mile warranty on the catalytic converter body, the internals (and ability to pass an emissions test) are covered for 25,000 miles, everything else is covered for life. Fits the Mazdaspeed with stock turbo only.


Instructions are not currently available.


Ships free in the US.

Shipping restrictions: Cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, Maine or New York

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50 state legal!





Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Poor quality and tolerance

The exhaust looks nice but can drone you out on a long ride. Spool up is definitely quicker and power improvement is nice. My main issue is how close it is to the frame support. Hard down shifting or bumps at 60mph cause it to rattle. I wrote and asked for any suggestions and got a rude reply saying nothing is wrong with their product and they have no clue. I've had 2 shops look at it and suggest a cut and weld or bending things. Definitely will try something different next time

The contact is an unusual issue, but something that definitely isn't right. We spoke to Dave briefly about this issue, but it didn't sound like he could get under his car to check it out post-install. We reached out again after receiving this review, but never heard back. Dave, we'd still like to help, please reach out if you'd like to dig into this again.

Amazing difference, highly recommended!

Fairly simple install, nuts & bolts soaked thoroughly for a few days and came off without too much of a fight. Good fitment. Fired it up and notice a little nicer and maybe a little throatier exhaust note. Smile. Took it for a spin and was blown away by the improvement...absolutely amazing. More power, better power band, and just so much more enjoyable to drive (and it was plenty fun before). 10/ issues and a lot of 'bang for the buck'!

A Great Performance Addition!!!

This product is very nice and clean. The instructions on this website for installation support was very helpful. The only problem I faced was that the front triangle flange that connect to the back side of the turbo flange was not completely flat. It did not seal completely. It appeared as if the flange may have been warped during manufacturing during the welding process. It was an easy fix with some machining down. Otherwise a very nice fit!

Best yet!

This is probably the single best simple mod I have made to a car in 50+ years of driving.
Power flow is smooth, torque is more even throughout the range, combined with a cold air intake this will easily outperform the new ND Mx5.
Expensive to get it to Canada, but worth it!
(originally posted 5/5/2017)

Great part, wish I bought it earlier

Had it two weeks now, wish I bought it earlier. Perfect fit, nice finish and instant results. I already had the full intake and this sets that off even better. Quicker spool up, smoother mid range and up top. Adds a nice rumble to the still stock exhaust. Easy to install once you get the old pipe out. Opted to install a wideband that had the o2 bung ready and at an angle to clear underneath the car perfect. I'd recommend this mod. I probably will get the exhaust next, but the sound now is even very nice.
(originally posted 8/23/2016)