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DEI Titanium heat shield for tubing

DEI Titanium heat shield for tubing

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Want to cut down on heat in the footwell? There are a bunch of things you can do ranging from gold foil to ceramic coating to insulation on the tunnel, but the most effective thing you can do to control radiant heat is add an insulating pad with an air gap.

DEI makes a wide range of heat control products, and this one is ideal for downpipes and other hot exhaust components. It'll protect up to 1350F - more common fiberglass shields will start to fail at 900F.

It's a two-layer material. The outer layer is woven lava rock with a very high silica material on the inner layer. Stand offs provide the air gap needed, and they're riveted in place. Clamps are included. No, we're not sure why they call it "titanium" either but it's got about the right color. Fits pipes up to 3" in diameter.

12"x6". Suitable for all sorts of cars including engine conversions. For turbo Miatas, we recommend two pieces for a 2.5" downpipe so you can shield the area near the accelerator as well as further back. This works better than a single 24" long piece due to the bend in the downpipe. 3" downpipes have less room for shielding so there's really only room for one piece - check the clearances on your car.


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Customer Reviews

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Works on a stock car / downpipe - noticeably cooler!

For what it's worth, I didn't buy it from FM but noticed this product was sold here while browsing for other stuff.

Anyways, this installed very easily, it comes with 3 high quality hose clamps. You just feed them each thru the 2 teeth on each standoff, and you'll know what I mean when you do it, cause it will only really go on and tighten right once those are fed correctly.

I installed mine basically where the picture from FM here on the shop puts it, near where the stock downpipe and midpipe bolt together. It's a foot long so it covers enough area to more or less work wherever you place it. I plan to also add the DEI insulation and boom mat kits (sold here but again, didn't buy here...I promise I buy stuff here tho :P) but this 100% cut down on the heat I'd feel on my feet. I don't feel like the foot setting of my A/C is pointless now.

I will also mention that the stock downpipe and midpipe where this sits does still have that thin metal heat shielding from factory, so not sure how this affects that or if it doubles up...idk. I have the shifter insulation kit from FM too. I am planning on building a super comfy Miata so this just adds on to the other stuff I'm doing.

Easy, cheap solution

After searching various forums for a solution to the hot transmission tunnel problem, I stumbled across this product. It was simpler and cheaper than other solutions offered so I pulled the trigger on it. It took about ten minutes for me to install it (I'm notoriously thorough). On the test drive I could tell an almost immediate difference in the temperature inside the cabin. I also rebuilt the shifter with the FM rebuild kit at the same time, so that might have helped too.