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FlowForce 725cc/min EV-14 injectors

FlowForce 725cc/min EV-14 injectors

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The latest Bosch EV-14 design, these are state of the art injectors and an FM exclusive. The best spray pattern (center-axis conical) and response time available, and flow-tested and matched to ±0.4% (tighter than most).

These are true plug-in installation for all 1990-05 Miatas, with no need for adapters or wiring harness modifications. An adapter is required (and included) to match the height of the fuel injector to the Miata's engine. Enough fuel for most pump gas setups, as well as E85 on stock-internal setups. Bear in mind that you'll need aftermarket engine management to deal with an injector this big, these will not work with a stock ECU. High impedance.

Sold in sets of four.

Since these can only be used with a standalone ECU, which is not emissions (and therefore street) legal in the US, they cannot be installed on a car driven on the street. They won't function properly on an otherwise emissions-legal vehicle. Standalone ECUs are illegal for all street-driven cars in the US, regardless of whether they are subjected to regular emissions tests or not. 

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