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CTEK Lithium battery charger

CTEK Lithium battery charger

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Have a fancy new lithium battery, but no way to charge it? Here ya go. We've been using CTEK chargers for a long time, and have been very happy with their performance - they're intelligent, extremely capable, and nothing like the 50 lb old-school charger your dad had. If you have a lithium battery - and need a charger - this is your solution. Be sure you DON'T use a non-lithium charger, as the de-sulfate phase of the charging process can damage the lithium battery (lithium batteries will never sulfate). 

This charger is intended specifically for LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, like the Antigravity batteries that we carry. It'll save your car from you if you goof and connect the leads backwards (reverse polarity protection), is short circuit-proof, and is spark-free. So it's safe, but what about the charging? It has an 8-step process to maximize battery life and performance, including a testing sequence, a maximization step, and maintenance charging (float / pulse). 

This can charge batteries from 5-60Ah, and maintain up to 120Ah. Max charge current of 4.3A.