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Cruise control relocation bracket

Cruise control relocation bracket

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Allows you to reposition the cruise control actuator. Required when installing a Randall cowl intake on an NB equipped with cruise. Also included with FM II turbo kits.

If ordered alone, we will ship this part via post.

Customer Reviews

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Not quite what I expected

Following the instructions for the FM turbo kit (NA8) I installed this bracket on the brake booster. The cruise control module made contact with both the clutch and brake reservoirs. I was uncomfortable with potential damage to the reservoirs from vibrations while driving so the bracket was removed. If the mounting hole for the cruise control module was moved even just an inch further out on the bracket (making the bracket larger) to be further away from the reservoirs this would be a great product.

No argument, it's certainly a tight fit. That said, we have over 100,000 miles on this exact setup (with light contact on both) on one of our personal cars (as well as our shop cars), with no visible wear or issues of any kind.