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Cruise keeper LED 3rd brake light, 1156

Cruise keeper LED 3rd brake light, 1156

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Finally, a simple and effective way to have all three brake lights be LEDs and keep your cruise control working. This "resistor-free" LED bulb from GTR lighting installs in the 3rd brake light (AKA CHMSL) position and has resistance built-in so the cruise control will still function. On the NAs and NBs the cruise system is tied into the brake light circuit and will cease to function if you replace all three brake light bulbs with LEDs due to their low power consumption. Replacing just the 3rd brake light with this LED is enough to keep everything working as it should while also putting out an incredible amount of light.

The 1156 is the correct bulb size for all 1999-2005 as well as later 1997 third brake light housings. If you have a 1997, check your production date (on the sticker on the driver's door jamb) - if it's 12/96 or later you need the 1156 bulb, if it's earlier you need the 921 bulb, shown below.

The LED color is red, so you won't get the "pink" appearance of white light behind a red lens. These have a raw light output of 1600-1860 lumens. 

Please note that adding a resistor instead typically won't work, as the resistor will most likely overheat and fail.

We've had a very small percentage of customers have issues with this bulb (bulb lights up fine but cruise still won't work), and the vast majority are using off-brand / budget LED bulbs. There appear to be some car-to-car discrepancies, but we highly recommend using bulbs sold by us as it's far more likely that everything will work correctly (no, this isn't a ploy to sell more bulbs!). 


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Darin S.

Super bright and completes the LED rear end without losing cruise control. 100% worth it