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FM Cravenspeed shift knob

FM Cravenspeed shift knob

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Possibly the most technologically advanced shift knob available for the Miata!

We love the feel of metal shift knobs, but they can get so hot you'll want to drive home in first gear just so you don't have to touch it. Plastic knobs don't have that problem, but their light weight can make your shift feel notchy and buzzy due to the lack of inertia. This beauty comes in at 10.8 oz.

Cravenspeed has solved that problem with this beauty. The core is dense stainless steel for mass. It's wrapped in acetal, which insulates you from the burn. The top is aluminum, engraved with the FM logo which will give your car an extra 5 horsepower*.

It might seem a little over the top to put this much effort into a shift knob, but it's one of your primary points of contact with the car. You want it to feel good!

Fits all manual transmission Miatas along with most other cars that use a 10x1.25 thread on the shifter.

weight height NA/NB 6.5 oz 2.875" NC 8.1 oz 2.875" ND 10.7 oz 2.75" FM Cravenspeed 10.8 oz 2.57" FM Delrin 5.5 oz 3.125"

* not dyno proven

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