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Coolant hose core kit for 1999-2000

Coolant hose core kit for 1999-2000

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09-39000 1999-00


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Cracked coolant hoses are at best annoying and at worst can cost you an engine. Whenever someone contacts us because they just bought a used NA/NB Miata and they want to know what they should do first, the answer is usually "deal with all the maintenance!". 

So we offer this package. Everything you need to refresh all your "standard" hoses. Note that the upper and lower radiator hoses are optional since they could vary based on your setup. And since you've got the cooling system drained, it's a good time to swap out the thermostat (not included). No, it's not sexy stuff. But it makes the difference between a reliable car and one that might leave you stranded.

All parts are top quality, with Mazda parts everywhere possible.

  • heater core inlet and outlet hoses
  • small coolant hoses attached to the thermostat housing/oil cooler/throttle body/air valve (varies by year)
  • rubber caps for vestigial nipples (1.6 only)