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Complete polyurethane bushing kit for NA and NB

Complete polyurethane bushing kit for NA and NB

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One of the components of your car that suffers silently with age is the rubber in the suspension bushings. Over time, they break down and allow more movement of the control arms. This makes your handling sloppy and makes the car feel old.

This SuperPro polyurethane bushing set replaces just about every piece of rubber in the suspension. Poly bushings move differently than rubber ones, allowing less deflection and no pre-loading. This means more precise and consistent handling, with a slight increase in sharp impacts.

While it might seem that all poly bushings are the same, that's not true. Our SuperPro bushings use a proprietary polyurethane mix that allows for more precise control with little (if any) NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) increases. They also have details that allow the bushings to retain grease, eliminating noise. This means they won't squeak, ever, and require no maintenance (as long as you use the included grease). How confident are we of this? These include a lifetime warranty against squeaking. Of course, that lifetime warranty includes any failure as well, and there are no disqualifications for track / competition or off-road (!) use. 

Includes new bushings for the control arms and stock NA end links (these bushings won't be used for NB end links).

Installation is not trivial - Mazda Miata Performance Projects runs through the process. While regular maintenance with fresh lubricant is required for cheaper poly bushings (which is why we've historically preferred rubber bushings for anything with a license plate), that's not the case with the SuperPro bushings.

These are designed for stock control arms. If your aftermarket control arms use stock bushings, these should fit, but if your control arms are an off-brand, their tolerances might not be as good and fitment might be a bit of a struggle. If you have tubular control arms, be sure they use stock-size bushings - not all do. 

Customer Reviews

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Great Bushings!

A bit of a process to install. Make sure you have some kind of tool to press the bushing into the control arms, and use plenty of the grease that comes in the kit, I had lots left over and used plenty on the bushings. The car drives much better, and I only noticed a little bit of a difference in NVH. The car feels much better around an autoX course.