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Clutch switch override

Clutch switch override

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When you press on your clutch pedal to start the car, you're putting a fair load on your thrust bearing with no oil pressure. With an aftermarket clutch, it`s even worse. This damages your engine every time you start the car. To prevent this damage, we recommend disabling the starter interlock, especially with a stronger clutch installed. This lets you start the car in neutral without touching the clutch, taking all that load off the thrust bearing.

We used to recommend doing some wiring to bypass the switch. Bill Bowser had a better idea. His little clip makes the job easy. Instead of messing around with wiring, it simply slips over the switch and holds it closed all the time. It`s made of stainless steel and has a reinforcing ridge down the center. Inexpensive, installs in seconds and completely reversible.

Fits all manual transmission NA and NB Miatas, including the Mazdaspeed. Highly recommended for any car with an aftermarket clutch. Included with FM Level 1 and Level 2 clutches.

Since the purpose of this part is to defeat the starter interlock, it should be obvious that it will now be possible to start the car while in gear. This has potential for havoc, damage and injury. You will be responsible for ensuring this does not happen.

Customer Reviews

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M M.
This little devil

A fun mod. Get ready to blow your muscle memory out of the water. About a year and a half and I have my car starting procedure down pat. Handbrake engaged. Shift knob in neutral. Turn key to on mode and let dinging stop (primes fuel pump, it's not cause I like dinging noises I swear.) Turn key to ignition. Count 21 seconds before pressing the accelerator and driving anywhere. Keep car under 3000 rpm when warming up.

Incase you want to know what happens when you start the car in first gear with no brakes. It learches forward horribly maybe half a foot and stalls out.

Follow my start up procedure and soon you won't even remember how you used to start manual cars.

Kevin O.
Cheap and easy…

This part is great for the price. Yes Miatas are tight but the install is possible without removing anything. Who doesn’t like bypassing “safety mechanisms”?

Kevin O.
Cheap and easy�

This part is great for the price. Yes Miatas are tight but the install is possible without removing anything. Who doesn�t like bypassing �safety mechanisms�?

Great product at a great price!

I mainly bought this to avoid buying a new clutch switch to hopefully stop by car from bogging down to 500rpm when I let off the gas. Its also convenient I can start my car without getting in it.

Note from FM: This defeats the starter interlock switch, which is ONLY for starting the car. If you're having trouble with idle issues due to a defective neutral switch, this won't solve that problem. While both are on the clutch pedal assembly, the clutch neutral switch is closer to the firewall and the starter interlock is closer to the gauge cluster. There's also a neutral switch on the transmission, be sure that's plugged in correctly - if your reverse lights come on when the shifter is in neutral, the wires between the transmission neutral switch and the reverse switch as swapped.

Easy Button

Threw it in my cart since it was only $9. Installed on my SM and makes starting it so much easier than having to slide in the cage and then pull myself back out.