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Cipher steering wheel for NC

Cipher steering wheel for NC

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The steering wheel is one of your primary points of contact with your car. It's amazing what a difference you feel by changing it out - especially if your stock one is getting ratty. Unfortunately, that usually means losing the air bag and that's more than most people are willing to do. It also means losing all the on-wheel controls for your cruise and audio, which is just not cool.

Enter Cipher wheels! These quality wheels are a direct bolt-in replacement for your stock unit and retain your stock airbag and controls (including the paddle shifters if you have an auto). They're not just stock replacements, either - the wheel is contoured to be exceptionally comfortable and has a very slightly flattened bottom for a bit more leg room. The real leather feels great under your hands and the cross-section of the wheel is slightly thicker for better grip. The overall diameter is the same as stock other than the flat bottom.

Available with two different stitching colors: red/maroon (we'd call it red) and grey. It's also available with a carbon fiber-look for the top and bottom of the wheel (and red stitching for the leather). The carbon fiber-look is hydro-dipped over hard plastic, so it looks and feels like carbon fiber, but without the cost. Long-term durable, it won't rub off with use. 

Made from all new parts, not reworked old wheels. No core charge.

Recently redesigned with a larger flat bottom and more aggressive profile. 


Instructions are not currently available.


Ships free in the US.

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What does it fit?

Fits: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Emissions do not apply.





Customer Reviews

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Second Cipher Steering Wheel

I liked the one I installed in my NB so much I bought a second for my NC. A steering wheel, like a pair of shoes, is something that would be nice to touch before pulling the trigger. I pulled the trigger on the first one as I tend to find FM products live up to the promises made, so I trust their recommendations. Obviously, I agreed with their recommendation, enjoying the feel and size of it to buy a second for other 'yata.

Feel is subjective but this one feels just right to me, and the quality is good. The bit of red stitching is a nice touch, matching other small accents on the car. Highly recommend though touch one first if you can.

Cipher steering wheel mx5 NC

As I read online, some people don't understand that you have to do a wheel alignment after installing this steering wheel because the indentations of the spline are just a little offset rom the original steering wheel and it needs to be centered again.
The sole reason I wanted to change the factory wheel is that the old one got really sticky in summertime with high temperatures.
The look and feel of the leather is definitely very nice and it certainly looks like a quality product.
It took however a few days to get used to the totally different shape, compared to the stock one, but then I was hooked on it.
It feels like driving a new car once you get used to all the curves in the steering wheel, making it perfect for either old fashioned ten to two, or as well, a quarter to three steering.
The wheel is not round but oval, and curves really nice around your hands.
So big thumbs up!

Outstanding Fit & Feel - Worth Every Penny

This wheel is awesome! The feel is extremely high quality with a slight "give" to the leather and excellent contouring.

The install is a 30 minute affair with basic tools. For a street car, as mine is, the result is an airbag & controls equipped wheel with the feel of a Sparco racing wheel.

I would recommend this to any NC owner looking to improve the driving experience or replace a worn stock wheel.