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CAN integration for Hush-O-Matic exhaust

CAN integration for Hush-O-Matic exhaust

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As if having an active exhaust wasn't cool enough, this unit lets you integrate it into the car's electronics as if Mazda put it there.

The standard Hush-O-Matic works pneumatically, opening and closing the bypass depending on engine vacuum. Sometimes, however, you may want to keep it closed all the time for stealth mode - or open it up full-time for maximum aural fun. This integration kit allows you to change the bypass behavior on the fly.

To control the bypass, simply twist the control ring for the automatic wipers. Set it to maximum (+) and your bypass will be open all the time - ie, always loud mode. Set it to minimum (-) and it'll go into always quiet mode. The three settings in between change how soon the bypass opens. You can have it go loud at 90% throttle, at 60% throttle or 20% throttle. When you turn on the wipers due to rain, the system will ignore any changes in settings.

How does it work? The MRS Micro PLC reads the status of the wiper control stalk and the throttle pedal, and uses a solenoid to open and close the butterfly. All of the components are built to OEM specifications and durability requirements, so it'll keep functioning for years. Wiring is minimal, requiring tapping into only four wires. The digital control of the bypass also eliminates any chance of buzzing as the bypass moves between positions, which can happen with analog control.

Can be retrofitted to any Hush-O-Matic exhaust. Contains the MRS Micro PLC, a plug-in connector for the PLC, control solenoid and all wiring/hose to install.

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