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Brass exhaust nut for stock downpipe

Brass exhaust nut for stock downpipe

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The nuts that hold the stock manifold to the stock downpipe are fine for strength, but they have a tendency to gall over time and with multiple removals and installations. Here's your solution - 360 brass nuts, in the specific thread (M10x1.5), with a flange and extra long (19mm) for more strength and easier wrench access. Standard 14mm hex, just like stock (JE10-40-355). 

Three needed for one car. 

Why do you need this? If you've done multiple clutch jobs, you've likely had the stock nuts gall, which causes all sorts of headaches. This is especially problematic if you're doing it between races. These aren't applicable for our turbo kits, and while they might be overkill for a street car that's unlikely to need frequent clutch jobs, they're still good insurance against future issues.