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Brake pads for Powerlite calipers

Brake pads for Powerlite calipers

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The Powerlite caliper is found on the front of our NA/NB and ND Little Big Brake Kits. It is also the four piston rear caliper used in our Stage 2 Big Brake Kits as well as our four wheel Little Big Brake Kits. Check the photos for the look of the caliper and the pads. Comes in an axle set (four pads, enough for two calipers), which is enough for either for the front or rear of the car.

If you would like a pad from a different pad manufacturer, ask for Wilwood plate 7912.

We have several brake pad options available for this caliper:

The BP-10 is a street compound. It's quiet and doesn't dust much and is fairly consistent through the temperature range. It is a medium friction pad with smooth engagement and a low to medium wear rate. As it gets hot, it will wear more quickly. It is not recommended for use on the front of a Little Big Brake Kit, however, as we find it doesn't have enough bite for really hard use. This is the standard pad for all rear Powerlite applications.

The BP-20X is the newest compound here. It's quiet enough for street use but will hold up well to track use. This is now the standard front pad for Little Big Brake Kit applications. It can be used on the rear as well although there's a risk of a bit of squealing.

The BP-40 is a track pad. It's what we use on our V8 track cars. High friction even when cold, nice predictable response, and good wear characteristics.


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Customer Reviews

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RacerChris :.
Worn Quickly at the track, suggest Porterfields for Track Use

These work well, make very little noise, but wear quickly. I have 11000 miles on my ND and installed the Little Big BRake Kit at around 8000 miles. It has lasted three track days. What was shocking is I wore threw about 1/8" in just two runs... I am told my friends that porterfield pads will last alot longer... So, life lesson, spend more money and you get more performance. LOL.

Note from FM: The choice of compound will make a big difference for life on the track. The Little Big Brake Kit comes with BP-20 in the front as stock, which is suitable for autox, street and light track use. For hard track use, we recommend BP-40 instead. Rapid pad wear is a sign of overheated pads.


Purchased the LBBK for my ND which came with the BP-20X pads. They are great for street use however, they get overwhelmed after about 10 minutes of track abuse.
Switched to the BP-40 compound and they bite hard throughout the entire session. Very happy with the performance of each compound for their respective duties.