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Braided stainless steel brake line kit (NA/NB)

Braided stainless steel brake line kit (NA/NB)

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For maximum braking response! These teflon lines are wrapped in stainless steel so they cannot expand under pressure. This makes sure all of your hydraulic pressure gets to the brakes, meaning more braking power and more accurate pedal modulation. There's a clear sheath over the lines to protect the stainless braid. DOT-approved stainless steel lines complete with junction block and all hardware. Add our master cylinder brace if you want the ultimate in a stiff pedal! 

Fits NA/NB with stock brake calipers. Includes lines for all four corners. Not compatible with Wilwood calipers - they usually come with their own stainless lines.

These brake lines include our low-profile banjo bolts - these are necessary if you have the biggest stock calipers (2001-05 Sport brakes) over bulkier (at the barrel) wheels. Most wheels are fine with the stock hardware (including our wheels), but the included banjo bolts give you that extra little bit of clearance that's sometimes necessary. we haven't found a 15" wheel that won't work with the lower profile banjo bolts.

Please note that the included distribution block is brass for the best sealing possible. There's only one mounting hole (the stock piece has two), but it still works great.


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Customer Reviews

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They rub on my tires, with no where to tie them up. Gonna need to change to out soon.

Easy Peasy

I wanted to replace the 30 year old brake lines on my 1991 Miata. My brakes were super spongy, especially after a hard drive in the twisty country roads (all in Mexico, like 10 years ago, obviously!)

Installation is pretty straight forward. You will absolutely need flare nut wrenches - get some, Harbor Freight has em cheap.

You need a thin 10mm socket to install the rear passenger brake line, for the little brass mounting thing.

David F.
Easy to install, easy to enjoy

From putting my car up in the air to test driving it, took me right at about 2.5 hours. That included bleeding the brakes. They look great, fairly easy to install, and under hard braking, feel a lot more sturdy (less mushy like the stock rubber lines).

Well worth the upgrade, for the peace of mind (30yo rubber brake lines I trust as much as gas station sushi) and the pedal feel.

Installed on my 1994 NA8

M M.
Good good good

These are fine indeed. Tha k you FM for these. Decent price and well worth it. Pay close attention how the old ones ran. I burned through the rubber sleeve not realizing when I fully turned my front passenger wheel to the left the tire would actually rub the line. I thought it was my power steering. 🤦🏻 Regardless while doing the Koni struts and FM springs I noticed the burn and fixed appropriately. It didn't fray the metal but bummer.


These are not brake lines they are hoses

Note from FM: Correct, these are stainless steel braided brake lines or hoses, as described and pictured. They're not the hard lines that run from the master cylinder to where these lines attach. We're sorry about the misunderstanding - if these are still in as-new condition, please reach out so we can set up a return.