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Boost gauge kit

Boost gauge kit

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Boost gauges are fun. Useful, sure, but fun. Who doesn't love seeing that needle sweep past 0 and into the fun zone?

Our gauges are made by Autometer in the USA. The facesays "boost by Flyin' Miata" on it and is designed for maximum legibility and the classic Miata font.

See photos to see the color of the bezel for your chosen gauge. The silver boost gauges are a good match to the stock Mazdaspeed gauges. All gauges use incandescent illumination - LEDs were just too harsh - and come with all the wiring parts needed for install. They're the standard 2" (2 1/16", actually, but everyone calls them 2") size that happens to fit perfectly in the NA/NB eyeball vents if you want to get creative.

Included or optional on all NA/NB FM turbo systems.