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Billet sway bar brackets, reinforced (front) - ND

Billet sway bar brackets, reinforced (front) - ND

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This kit can only be used if you already have our standard reinforcement kit (13-39020). If you don't and you need a complete kit, check the related product below.

You already have our bolt-on reinforcement bracket, but want the next level? Here you go - billet sway bar brackets for an FM front sway bar that are designed specifically to interface with our reinforcement brackets. You need sway bar brackets anyhow, why not make them structural? The billet sway bar brackets bolt on like normal ones, but add an extra bolt in shear to tie into the sway bar brace.

Bolt-on installation with no welding. Not compatible with other sway bar brackets. Works with FM sway bars and bushings only. 



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13-36536 2016+