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Flyin' Miata BBR Stage 1 turbo for ND1

Flyin' Miata BBR Stage 1 turbo for ND1

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Does your ND1 Miata crave boost? Here's the solution from the turbo experts at BBR. It's a beautifully engineered piece of kit, adapted for LHD use.

Please note that this kit will not work with ND2s (2019+) due to a lack of sufficient access to the ECU for programming. We do not currently have an ETA for availability.

This kit is emissions legal throughout the US, including California.CARB EO D-601-4.

A custom 3071 provides lots of power headroom with fast response thanks to the twin scroll design and the ND's high compression. It's mounted to a tubular-style cast manifold for best flow and durability. Custom silicone intercooler pipes take the charge through an air/air intercooler to maximize density. The high flow downpipe mates up to a stock exhaust or a higher flowing alternative. Expect a gain of at least 60 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque with a stock exhaust. You can expect even more at elevation, as the turbo will make up for the lack of air density (if you add a boost controller). While a supercharger can do the same thing, it can only do so with a (more complicated) pulley change. 

Easy installation with no drilling or changes to the fuel system. It's the quickest turbo install we've ever done, and the quietest we've ever driven. You can't hear any hisses or other noises, the car just digs in and pulls hard.

The downpipe incorporates your existing catalytic converter. You have your choice of welding your catalytic converter into the downpipe or purchasing a new one. Please note that if you do the welding, you will also be responsible to ensure it's properly aligned (the car itself acts as a good jig).

  • BBR bespoke twin scroll hybrid TSX30-71R turbocharger including jet turbine specification fixings
  • BBR bespoke cast iron twin scroll exhaust manifold
  • BBR stainless steel downpipe with catalytic converter
  • BBR high-flow lightweight front mounted aluminium intercooler with factory look black intake pipes
  • BBR high-flow custom silicone turbo pipes in factory look black finish with stainless steel hose clamps and unique black coating
  • BBR lightweight aluminium battery tray in factory black finish
  • BBR harness extension to allow the use of the stock battery
  • BBR Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish
  • BBR / Bosch MAP / Temperature sensor
  • BBR high efficiency carbon fibre turbocharger heat shield
  • BBR high flow K&N Typhoon induction kit
  • BBR stainless steel oil and water lines
  • BBR Starchip EcuTek RaceRom calibration software

Flyin' Miata is the exclusive distributor of BBR products in the US.

The system comes with a reflash for the stock engine computer. If you do not own or have access to an Ecutek tuning interface, you will need to purchase one in order to install the tune. Running the turbo without the reflash installed will result in immediate engine damage.

Please note that the kit is set up for correct boost at sea level. If you live at higher altitude (2000' or more), we do recommend a boost controller to bring the system into the desired range. This is not needed at lower altitudes.

This kit will work with both manual and automatic ND1s.  



Ships free in the US.

Shipping restrictions: None

What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 RF


50 state legal!
CARB EO: D-601-4


1 year



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bob A.

Miata Is Always The Answer. It’s more than just a clever acronym. It’s a truth that grabs hold of anyone who yearns for the pure joy of driving from the first moment they get behind the wheel of a Miata. These aren't cars for Costco or drag racing hoonigans. If you're contemplating buying this turbo, you already know what it feels like to charge into a corner harder than anyone else because your car weighs next to nothing, hit the apex with your heel on the gas and then pop the clutch and rocket out the other end. What you don’t know, what you can’t help yourself from wondering about, is what it feels like to heel-toe into that corner with 50% more power in reserve, feel your perfectly balanced chariot pivot under your hips like an Olympic slalom skier, then explode into the straight leaving behind a little bit of tire residue, a whisper of turbo whine and the echoes of maniacal giggling. That’s why I’m writing this review: to tell you that’s exactly what this unit delivers. The high-compression SkyActive engine pairs beautifully with the turbo’s twin-scroll layout to provide accessible torque low in the rev range and linear power all the way through to the 7200 RPM red line. This unit doesn’t change the spirit of your Miata, it just opens it up a little and gives it the legs it deserves. It makes the funnest car on Earth 50% better. In short, for those who believe that Miata Is Always The Answer, this unit doesn’t make your Miata the king, it just gives the king his crown.

Bob A.
Miata Is Always The Answer, especially boosted

It's more than just a clever acronym. Saying that Miata Is Always The Answer prompts the obvious query: it's the answer to what question? All of them. Or more precisely: all of them related to driving fun, driving purity, driving like you just got your license and the whole world of possibilities is suddenly open to you. Like anyone who might find themselves reading this review, I looked at several options when shopping for my fun car. The car that doesn't go to Costco; it goes on back roads on sunny days or through the city on a Tuesday night because you just have to forget about work for an hour. When shopping for the car for those moments I looked at the BRZ, the Mustang, the 350Z. Most of you probably did, too. Then it occurred to me: if you're going to do a thing, do it all the way. Do it right, or don't do it at all. Who cares about a back seat or what you can fit in the trunk. We have SUVs for that. If you're getting a car for the pure thrill of driving, do it right. Do it Miata.

Which brings me to the purpose of this review. If you're going to do Miata, do it right. Give it boost. And if you have an ND1, this turbo kit is without a doubt worth every penny. It's worth every hour that BBR put into developing it; it's worth every hour that FM put into testing it. Its twin-scroll layout marries up perfectly to the lively high-compression SkyActive engine. What's more relevant to someone who speaks the language of Miata: it makes the funnest car on the planet 50% better. If you're reading this, you already know that your car is less a car and more a Go Kart on steroids and growth hormones. You already know what it's like to hit corners harder than anyone else can because your car weighs next to nothing. You already know what it's like to tear through an S-curve and feel your perfectly balanced chariot pivot under your hips like an Olympic slalom skier. What you don't know is what it feels like to charge into that corner harder than anyone else, hit the apex with ponies in reserve at 4,000 rpm and then get sucked back into your seat as you explode out the other end leaving behind you a whisper of turbo whine and the echo maniacal giggling.

This kit doesn't change your Miata, it opens it up, gives it the legs it deserves. This kit doesn't make your Miata the king, it just gives the King his crown.

BEST mod for your ND

BEST MOD EVER!!! I�ve done everything but suspension to my 18� ND - midpipe, exhaust, header, kogeckis, larger firehawk tires, big brake kit, intake, brake lines, removed passenger seat, lighter battery, carbon fiber, tunes etc. and it all led me to the mod I should have done from the beginning - the Flyin miata ND turbo kit.

Driving the car for the first time w/turbo, it�s a brand new car; the ecutek tune completely changes it�s acceleration and engine characteristics while the turbo removes any and all lag the base Miata ND ever had (even with the prior tunes I had in it). The throttle response is instant in first gear onward and the car literally flies off the ground.

This is everything the ND should feel and drive like the first time you get in one. It�s literally indescribable how much lighter, quicker and nimble the car feels.

The kit is fantastic, easy to install, very well-made and very straightforward. Anyone with the skill set or a trustworthy mechanic can install this plug and play turbo. BBR paired with Flyin Miata has made absolute magic together in the ND.

I definitely recommend getting the cat welded to the midpipe by Flyin miata to make the process even easier.

Aside from the obvious performance reasons for buying this kit, I went with flyin Miata because of their unbelievable customer service. Matt, Nick and Mike are just incredible, absolutely incredible; patient, understanding, friendly and very knowledgeable in all different areas of the car.

Mike helped me every single step of the way, from answering all my questions before buying the kit, during installation, and especially after the car was ready to drive and get tested. The ecutek software is fantastic, easy to understand and use, and I�m not even technologically proficient. Mike walked me through every step of the way, ensuring the car was up to par and safe to drive (very fast) with the turbo installed.

I can�t thank the entire team at Flyin Miata enough for everything they do; I�ve also loved my ND and they�ve made it unbelievably better!!!

THANK YOU for everything guys and keep up the amazing work you do!

J.F. H.

I purchased this kit to add the only thing a Miata needs, just a tad more power. I did the install myself and it's just not as hard as it sounds to install. A little wait for the ROM files (1 week) but my first tune from BBR was just about spot on. I added the GWR Max Mid-pipe during the turbo install and a couple things surprised me. The car is quieter, the engine lost the buzzy feel, now silky smooth, and the car feels much like a much larger vehicle. Power comes on right off ide and at 3000-6000 rpm it really pulls. All in all, if this is within your budget it's a very very good kit. The customer service from Mike and the crew at Flyin' Miata has been second to none.
J.F. Hiestand
Beaufort, SC

Fabulous hardware, rotten service on updating ROM codes

Good news first: the BBR Turbo delivers as promised. Besides fun, the improved acceleration adds to safety as you�ll discover the first time you have to pass a truck on a two-lane highway. �Blip,� and it�s over. A pleasant surprise was new-found low-end torque, broadening the useful range of every gear.
The bad news has nothing to do with the hardware; it�s the software. You need to understand that software changes to your ROM codes come directly from BBR in England, not Flyin� Miata. And FM clearly has no Service Level Agreement whatsoever with BBR. FM was unaware that BBR had shut down for over a week. FM was unaware that apparently the ONLY person at BBR who can modify ROM codes was �out on holiday� for a week. BBR doesn�t return FM�s emails; FM didn�t return mine without repeating badgering.
Multiple revs of the ROM codes are essential. The first one I got � WHICH TOOK SEVERAL WEEKS WHILE THE CAR COULD NOT BE DRIVEN -- had two huge problems: 1) rough running at low RPM, sometimes even causing the Miata to shutter and 2) an over-zealous cruise control. The cruise control obviously doesn�t know about the increased power, so when it engages, the car lurches forward. The cruise control then recognizes it has overcompensated, so it immediately cuts the fuel. The net effect, especially while climbing a steep grade, was severe bucking. It took OVER A MONTH with repeated badgering to get each update. The updates did ameliorate � BUT NOT ELIMINATE these problems. After sending the last data logs to FM/BBR requesting further improvement on these two problems, I waited AGAIN OVER A MONTH to be told that I was just going to have to live with these problems!!! Really? They�re more annoying than show stoppers, but they are REALLY annoying giving how much money and grief I went through to get to this point. (Apparently, I�m not the only one left with these residual problems.)
I would warn you to expect your Miata to take SEVERAL MONTHS to get the ROM codes to be as good as BBR is going to make them until either FM gets an Ecutek license themselves or at least establishes an explicit Service Level Agreement with BBR.