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High temperature rubber oil drain (bag 5A)

High temperature rubber oil drain (bag 5A)

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Everything you need for the oil drain on a Garrett turbo. This is the same hardware that comes in our turbo kits - high temperature oil-safe hose, good heatshield material and the fittings you need at the turbo and the oil pan. This kit can also be used to replace an expired drain hose in an existing kit. Sorry, we don't offer just the hose. Note that this is intended for FM kits - while it will likely work on other kits please don't assume without checking the lengths below. 


  • Drain flange for GT-series turbo
  • Gasket for drain flange
  • 8x20x1.25 stainless bolts and washers to attach flange to turbo
  • 20" of black high temperature SAE oil-specific 5/8" oil drain hose
  • 12" of heat sleeve for the oil drain hose
  • Two 3/8 NPT 5/8" hose barbs
  • Two 14-27mm constant torque hose clamps