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Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A)

Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A)

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Water supply lines for a turbo system using a GT2560 turbo and a non-Mazdaspeed engine. As used in our turbo kits. Note that this is intended for FM kits - while it will likely work on other kits please don't assume without checking the lengths below. 


  • 4x 14mm aluminum washers
  • 2 M6x16x1.0 cap screws
  • 2 1/4" washers
  • 66" of 5/16" silicone water hose
  • 4x 3/8" hose clamps
  • 2' of 3/4" ID heat sleeve


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cleans Things Up Nicely - 2004 NB

Purchased this kit because the previous owner used a silver reflective heat shield over the coolant lines that had accumulated leaking oil. Turned it into a soggy mess.

The FM kit is pretty nice. All the parts you need (except banjo bolts as previous reviewer noted) for the installation.

Its a bit of a PITA to change them out when turbo is installed in car. Make sure you have a bucket to catch the coolant from the vertical hose barb on the block . It is buried down under the alternator belt. The silicon hose needs to be forced over the fitting - which resulted in me loosing a substantial amount of coolant. The geyser of coolant instantly makes the silicon tube slippery. I ended up taking a small hose clamp and tightening it 2" above the end of the hose so I could purchase hose with my fingers. Once on, I used a pair of pliers and slid the jaws down the hose until it made contact with clamp. Was then able to push silicon hose onto fitting all the way. Then it was just a matter of loosening the clamp, sliding it to the end of the hose, and retightening.

I ended up cutting each hose to equal length. When mounted with the clamps (M4 Allen Key) the hoses route nicely together.

My only suggestion is to include 1 additional banjo fitting metal gasket. The outermost fitting is a bit of a bear to fit due to the tighter bend and constantly wants to torque out of position. During one of my first attempts I was fighting the hose, banjo bolt, and gasket. As luck would have it the gasket slipped off and rolled to parts unknown.

Took me about a hour and a bit to get the new lines in and secured.
I consider myself mechanically inclined.

Note from FM: if we understand, the gasket referenced here is a copper washer. Should you happen to drop one into a black hole, replacements are available from any auto parts store. Sorry to hear about the problem.

Installation is more annoying than difficult when turbo is already in car.

Not complete

Didn't come with banjo bolts

Note from FM: The kit comes with banjo fittings. We package the bolts with the turbo so they are not included in this kit.