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ATI Damper pulley kit (1991-95)

ATI Damper pulley kit (1991-95)

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04-95570 1991-95



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We've found that really high horsepower Miatas - over 280 hp - have been overwhelming the stock harmonic damper. This can crack the gears on the oil pump as well as damage the bearings from the hammering, not to mention the sudden lack of oil pressure and tooth fragments will destroy the rest of your engine. Don't let this happen to you! We worked with ATI to develop this replacement damper to solve the problem. More about what harmonic dampers do. We believe in this damper so strongly that it's standard equipment on every Miata engine we build. While this isn't really necessary for a stock-power engine from a longevity (i.e., oil pump health) standpoint, it still makes a big difference to how smoothly the engine runs - that's what we like it on all engines. 

This unit replaces the stock damper with what is essentially two in one. The result is not only a safer engine, but one that runs more smoothly all the time thanks to the improved vibration absorption. This is exactly the opposite of billet "underdrive pulleys" that remove the stock damper. We've seen those destroy a typical turbo Miata engine in a couple of thousand miles.

Fits all 1994-97 Miatas. You can also use it on a "long nose" 1.6 if you change the water pump pulley and alternator to a ribbed belt. A balancer installer will be required to properly install the damper - it needs to be pressed on accurately. 

We also include a belt guide - if you don't install the guide, your timing belt will wear rapidly. Also included: the appropriate lube for installation, a new crank bolt and a new woodruff key. Everything you need for correct installation!

May not be compatible with all accessory belts, although it works just fine with the ones we use.