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Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank for NA

Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank for NA

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Your stock overflow tank is nasty yellow plastic. This one is sexy cool aluminum, so it's not going to crack with high heat - and the stock tank in a 1990 Miata is over 30 years old by this point. There's always the risk it will crack on track.

Includes a sight tube so you can confirm your coolant level.

Exclusive to FM!

Fits NA Miatas.

Customer Reviews

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Paul J.
Definitely Worth It

Finally installed the coolant overflow tank as an end-of-year activity, and I am very pleased with the result. The tank itself is really well made, all of the installation extras needed were included, and the process for the actual installation couldn't have been easier. 2 thoughts...(1) when mounting/sliding the new replacement hose on the fittings, definitely use the suggestion of soapy water/lubricant..(2)Afer tank installed, refill the tank to maybe halfway (take advantage of the sight tube!) so when the engine warms up, there is still room for the coolant from the radiator. The process, from minor assembly to completed installation,was less than an hour. And as the description and/or FM video states, it looks pretty cool too! Great Product.


Amazing product, quality, fast shipping. Highly recommend!!