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AEM X-series gauge/wideband kit

AEM X-series gauge/wideband kit

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Introducing the new X-series widebands from AEM!

This new generation moves the game on. It's fast, really fast for maximum accuracy. It will display AFR or Lambda values with a wider range than before - on gas, it can measure from 8.0:1 to 20:1 AFR. It can output either a CAN signal or a 0-5V signal for use by your ECU.

The controller is integrated into the gauge, which is now less than 7/8" thick. You can see in the pictures how slim it is, this opens up a number of near-flush mounting options. The LEDs are auto-dimming so you don't go blind at night.

Why do you want a wideband (or a wide band)? Normal oxygen sensors are only accurate around stoichiometric (14.7:1) air/fuel mixtures. If you run more rich or more lean, they'll give you misleading readings. Wideband sensors avoid this problem. That's why they're used on every dyno. The kit includes a wideband oxygen sensor, the electronics (inside the gauge unit), wiring and even a bung that can be welded into your exhaust if you don't have one already.

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