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AEM X-series gauge/wideband kit

AEM X-series gauge/wideband kit

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Introducing the new X-series widebands from AEM!

This new generation moves the game on. It's fast, really fast for maximum accuracy. It will display AFR or Lambda values with a wider range than before - on gas, it can measure from 8.0:1 to 20:1 AFR. It can output either a CAN signal or a 0-5V signal for use by your ECU.

The controller is integrated into the gauge, which is now less than 7/8" thick. You can see in the pictures how slim it is, this opens up a number of near-flush mounting options. The LEDs are auto-dimming so you don't go blind at night.

Why do you want a wideband (or a wide band)? Normal oxygen sensors are only accurate around stoichiometric (14.7:1) air/fuel mixtures. If you run more rich or more lean, they'll give you misleading readings. Wideband sensors avoid this problem. That's why they're used on every dyno. The kit includes a wideband oxygen sensor, the electronics (inside the gauge unit), wiring and even a bung that can be welded into your exhaust if you don't have one already.



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Customer Reviews

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Cayden A.
Afr gage

The afr gage was a simple hat must have on your car if you want to tune or turbo your Miata its has helped out a lot with keeping up on my Miata and making sure the car is running safe .

A must with a turbo

This is a must have if you are running boost. Installation was easy (already had an exhaust bung). This gauge allowed me to easily diagnose and correct a lean condition under boost which could have resulted in major engine damage with continued driving.

Travis H.
Good, be wary of self failure (my own fault possibly on this)

I have been running this kit for some time, eventually did ITBs along with a few other modifications, never had an issue. A week ago from when I posted this, the gauge stopped working, was wondering if it was the sensor or if it was the gauge alone, found out it was a loose ground, this was my fault for the failure, fixed the issue, but the sensor has been reading a little funky on colder start ups, may have to replace the sensor and triple check the tune on a dyno. The kit is good, read about the wideband failures, mine is potentially failing due to my own fault, won't know until I get a pull in. When installing everything, just make sure your wiring jobs are solid. I just had a loose ground that just came up after years of owning this.

Terrific Turbo Tool

I bought this mostly to diagnose turbo bog with my MSM, and it quickly showed me how lean I was running when the bog was kicking in due to the stock ECU design. I'm also now able to verify good AFRs once I get past that bog problem. Installation was pretty easy, especially with the controller built into the gauge.

I also like how the wire connection to the WB02 sensor is short, which you connect to the long wire lead, up to the gauge. So, when you need to remove the sensor, it can be easily disconnected from under the car, then reconnect it after its screwed back into the exhaust.

Note that the black or silver bezel around the gauge is thicker, maybe 3/4 inch, so if you put it next to Auto Meter gauges, it will be sticking out further. The display of the AFRs is excellent and easy to read.

Works amazing but sensor fails

Love the kit and price. However the o2 sensor failed after 6 months. The heating element failed giving me 3 dashes when running aka full lean

Note from FM: This is the first time we've heard of such a failure (without extenuating circumstances that damaged the sensor. Loganman5, please reach out so we can help figure out what's going on here.