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Adjustable timing wheel for NB

Adjustable timing wheel for NB

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As used on the Stage 1 turbo kits for the NB, this simple wheel replaces the stock trigger wheel on the crank nose. Unlike the stock piece, it leaves a bit of room for adjustability. The ignition can be retarded by up to 8 degrees or advanced by 4 degrees.

Adjustment consists of simply loosening four bolts on the crank and rotating the wheel. An indicator shows you just how much you're retarded or advanced compared to stock.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ray G.I.
Just works.

Order. Came in fast and works as should. I installed it in about 30 mins with no issues. Went right on. I let.the car warm up. Set the timing and boom. Better feel and response. I would recommend.

David M.
Simply works

Installed the adjustable timing wheel on my NB, only after replacing a failed, melted knock sensor. The sensor improved acceleration, and the later installation of the timing wheel at full advance instantly smoothed out the idle and further improved performance. Unlike reviews of timing wheels sold in the past, mine was a perfect fit without need to enlarge center hole or debur. Did not know until after removal of original wheel that it had a bit of wobble to it. New wheel is perfectly true.


I got this super fast very thankful saved my week

That g.m.C.

Just like the other review, there were burs that made it difficult to install. Once you shave it down and get it to fit, it does what it's advertised. Very straightforward process, RTFM, especially adjusting the crankshaft position sensor. Had an issue where the miata will die after cranking and it's because of the position sensor was not spaced properly. Butt dyno, after adjusting the timing to 14 degrees, power band starts a bit earlier, feels nice.

Reason for the three stars: for a flyin' miata product, they really couldn't de-burr after the cut? After seeing the response for the other review regarding the burs and that they'll go through their inventory, purchased this thinking I wouldn't need to de-burr... Guess they missed mine.

Fitment update

Carefully grinded the center bore a little with a dremel tool to deburr and enlarge size to fit. It’s a tight tolerance part, better that it came slightly small than too large. Very happy with the FM version for naturally aspirated engine because max timing advance is +4, set it and done.