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90-95 steering wheel hanger

90-95 steering wheel hanger

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Quick-release steering wheel hubs are awesome, but what do you do with the steering wheel when it's not attached to the column? Now, you hang it right behind the center mirror! This part is completely hidden from the driver's seat, and has zero impact on visibility. It also leaves the mirror in its stock location, but it has a very convenient hook to hang the steering wheel out of the way. Easy install, fully reversible. 

Please note that this will only work with 90-95 Miatas (with mirrors that bolt to the windshield frame as opposed to glue to the windshield itself). 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make some money from their hard work and ingenuity. This particular design is courtesy of Joas Molenaar.