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Top lock cap (1990-02, sold individually)

Top lock cap (1990-02, sold individually)

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The latches on your top and hardtop rely on this little doodad in order to stay closed. If it's worn, you'll find that the latch has trouble staying latched or is very easy to open, even if you've adjusted the tension. Replacing the lock cap is the solution.

You will have to remove the latch from the top in order to replace this. They are attached with thread locker and may be difficult to remove. Sold individually, you will need one cap for each latch you want to restore.

The design of this part changed in November 2002. The early one has a rounded point, the late one has a squared off end. We believe the VIN for the change is 2003 models ending in 021101, but please visually inspect your car to be sure. This is the early version. The later version is no longer available from Mazda - we have a 3D-printed replacement available.

Mazda part NA01-R1-311.




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1 year


29-19000 1990-02

Customer Reviews

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perfect fit look great!

Mike F.
Super Cheap fix for any older top.

If the latches for your top feel weak when snapping them in, this component is probably crumbling or broken off. Both of mine were snapped off, and once replaced, the latching of the top felt super solid.

$5 to fix my $1000 soft top

I spent so much money to get my new soft top working and just couldn't get the fit right. Would you believe that this $5 part was my problem? I hadn't even noticed one of my OEM ones was crumbled away. I was going to print my own but for $5 I'm quite happy with this one. I think there's still more to fiddle with, but this was a huge improvement for sure.


After I put my soft top back up after months, It sounded like I was going 80 mph when I was going 40 mph in the car. I thought I had a serious problem with my soft top. After paying for 2 of these, My car sounds normal now... I couldn't believe how well it worked. I started to not enjoy driving my NB. .... It takes no brains and no time to install. it's a small price risk too.

Work like they should

Purchased with out checking if mine need replacing, don't think they were necessary. But they fit well and are a true replacement, give me a little peace of mind that I wont need to replace any time soon. Would recommend if you need em.