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Radiator and bypass valve constant torque hose clamps

Radiator and bypass valve constant torque hose clamps

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Easy to use and easy to check. These stainless clamps adjust themselves according to temperature so they always have just the right tension. No need to overtighten to stop a cold leak! As used in our turbo kits, also very good for coolant lines.

To use, tighten until the washers are butted up against once another. They will strip if you overtighten. Safe for use on silicone hose as the hose is not exposed to the worm gear. They can be used dozens if not hundreds of times. Sold individually.

These have a size range of 33-57mm (1.30-2.24"), which is appropriate for Miata radiator hoses (rubber or silicone) and 1-3/8" bypass / blow-off valves.