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36-2 tooth timing wheel

36-2 tooth timing wheel

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Looking for more resolution for your crank pickup? This 36 (minus 2) tooth wheel is your answer. More resolution means more accurate timing information, especially when your engine speed is changing rapidly. Designed to use factory sensors, this bolts in place of the OE four tooth wheel on 1996-05 cars and can be retrofitted to all "long nose" engines from 1991 to 2005. Not compatible with stock engine computers, this is for Miatas with a Hydra 2.7 or some other form of replacement ECU that can handle a 36-2 wheel. Note that you need to use a 99-05 crankshaft sensor, which will require some re-wiring and programming. The stock 96-97 crankshaft sensor won't work.

Available in two versions: one for the ATi damper and one for the stock pulley.

Fits 1991-05 Miata engines.

Since this can only be used with a standalone ECU, which is not emissions (and therefore street) legal in the US, this cannot be installed on a car driven on the street. It won't function properly on an otherwise emissions-legal vehicle. Standalone ECUs are illegal for all street-driven cars in the US, regardless of whether they are subjected to regular emissions tests or not. 



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Customer Reviews

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James W.

Solved my sync loss issue on my turbo Miata!
Made my ITB Miata fire up every time and run like a top!

George R.
Improves startup!

I installed one on my NA8, which has an MS3 ECU and transplanted NB VVT engine. I was startled by how much more quickly and smoothly the engine started! Turns out the Megasquirt has to verify the cam and crank signals are synched before it will provide spark. With the 36-2 tooth wheel it can obviously sych much quicker than with the stock wheel. Thumbs up!