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LED rear tail brake bulbs 1157R

LED rear tail brake bulbs 1157R

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

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Warranty: 3 years

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When you're driving a car the size of a Miata, you want everyone to know when you're braking. These LED upgrades are brigher than stock and illuminate faster, which gives the distracted SUV behind you more time to react.

We use LEDs from Diode Dynamics because they're the best ones we've found. They're made to high standards, not just the minimum price. They've got constant-current circuitry to protect the bulbs from transients and offer a three year warranty.

The 1157 is the correct bulb for the rear tail and brake lights on an NA Miata - as well as thousands of other applications around the industry. The 280 lumen option is a good replacement for stock. The 310 lumen option is the HEY YOU IN THE SUV PAY ATTENTION option. Both of these are red, because you want to match your bulb color to the lens color.

Sold in pairs. No resistor is needed to avoid hyperflash as these lights are not used for the turn indicators in this application.

If you have cruise control and you replace all of your brake lights, you'll need to add a  Cruise Keeper bulb to keep the cruise control functioning. Please note that we do not recommend using a resistor, as the resistor will likely overheat and fail (which isn't a concern with turn signals, as there's a cooling period when the bulb blinks off). If you leave a single incandescent bulb, the cruise control will continue to function with no issues. 

280 lumen: Diode Dynamics HP48
310 lumen: Diode Dynamics HP11

1157 cross reference: BAY15D, 1034, 1178A, 2057A, 2357NA, 2357A, 1157A, 7528, 2057, 1016, 2357, 1196, 1157, 1142, 94, 3496, 2397, 2357ALL, 2057ALL, 7528L, 1157ST, 3496LL, 1034LL, 2397LL, 1157LL, 2057ST, 2357LL, 1157ALL, 2057LL, 7528LL

Customer Reviews

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Worked Perfectly in Cruise-Equipped 1994 w/ �Cruise Keeper 3rd Brake Bulb�

I wanted to convert all three brake lights to LEDs in my cruise-equipped 1994 M Edition, so installed this kit (310 lumens option) in conjunction with the �Cruise Keeper LED 3rd Brake Light� (SKU M28-11604). Installation was as easy as swapping bulbs and checking for proper operation. If a bulb doesn�t light, simply remove, rotate 180 degrees and reinsert. Cruise worked perfectly. My DRLs worked fine too (module from Canada-spec car), though I don�t know whether or not swapping these bulbs would have affected operation.)

Note: I believe the following verbiage in the description should be updated: �If you have cruise control and you replace�all of your brake lights (not tail lights), you'll need to add a resistor to keep the cruise control functioning. If you leave a single incandescent bulb, the cruise control will continue to function with no issues.� Firstly, the NA brake and tail lights share the same bulb - they are not replaced separately. Secondly, my cruise control functions perfectly with LED bulbs in all three brake lights, thanks to the �Cruise Keeper LED 3Rd Brake Light bulb having �resistance built-in so the cruise control will still function.� It was not necessary in my case to add another resistor.

Note from FM: excellent suggestion, thanks. We've updated descriptions accordingly.


Nice and bright, definitely a big upgrade from incandescent bulbs. I noticed that they are built with a much better heat sink than the parts-house LED bulbs, should help them last a long time.