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Shifter rebuild kit (1999-05 5-speed and 1999-01 6-speed)

Shifter rebuild kit (1999-05 5-speed and 1999-01 6-speed)

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The Miata has always had one of the best feeling shifters on the planet. But as they get older, some of the components start to wear and it slowly loses precision. You might not even notice, but it's not what it was. Luckily, it's easy to rebuild, and you can access everything from inside the car.

This kit includes all the pieces you need to make your shifter feel new again. All internal components are factory Miata parts, the boot is a high-quality aftermarket equivalent. 

For 1999-05 5-speed transmissions as well as 1999-01 6-speed (production up to 08/01/01).


small shift boot (R501-17-47Z) lower shift bushing (0398-17-462A) upper shifter pivot ball bushing (R502-17-492) smooth wave washer (8599-17-482) tabbed wave washer (M505-17-482) lower shifter pivot ball bushing (R503-17-492)



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1 year


08-46910 1999-05

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shifting is a flow master

I was waiting for so long and got my hands on it and watched the video at least 3 times to really understand what I’m doing. When I took off the old one man I had a broken ring fall through the black hole and had my bushing cut,broken,old etc. after replacing it installation was smooth. The shifter now feels great finds its gears and drives awesome. Sure this won’t fix your shifting issues as they said to check clutch, fluids, etc but this was one step in the right direction.

Fixed my notchy shifting

Had a really notchy shifter on my 2001 NB. (Like, it's a fight to go into 2nd when cold!) Changed fluids and it only improved slightly. There wasnt much play in the shifter so i thought doing a rebuild wouldn't change much. But wow, this actually fixed it!
Easy process, the only tough part was getting the pin out and putting it back in

Works Great

Simple to put in, I did watch a video on removing the parts from the shifter ball to handle. Takes about 30 minutes and like new.

Convenient and easy

As the recent purchaser of a 1999 Miata I suspected my gear shifter needed refreshing. Taking the unit out, I could see that all rubber parts were cracked and split. The kit from Flying Miata provided all the replacements I needed, although I did have to include the large shifter boot as well. I almost skipped the bushing inset into the transmission housing, but decided to go ahead and remove that pin to find the spring under the bushing was broken as well. All is back together and my first update to my baby is complete. Thanks for making the job easy by supplying everything in a kit so I didn't have to sort out the various part numbers.


Fair price, fast shipping and quality parts that fit. Very happy with Flyin Miata.