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Shifter rebuild kit (2002-05 6-speed)

Shifter rebuild kit (2002-05 6-speed)

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The Miata has always had one of the best feeling shifters on the planet. But as they get older, some of the components start to wear and it slowly loses precision. You might not even notice, but it's not what it was. Luckily, it's easy to rebuild, and you can access everything from inside the car.

This kit includes all the pieces you need to make your shifter feel new again. All internal components are factory Miata parts, the boot is a high-quality aftermarket equivalent. 

For 2001-05 6-speed transmissions built after August 2001.


small shift boot (R501-17-47Z) smooth wave washer (8599-17-482) tabbed wave washer (M505-17-482) upper shifter pivot ball bushing (Y601-17-492) lower shifter pivot ball bushing (R503-17-492) lower shifter bushing (Y601-17-515)



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08-46910 2001-05 6S

Customer Reviews

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Perfect fit

Perfect fit, super easy to install. Do watch the video about the install prior, it heps tremendously!

Kien H.
You think you don’t need it until you changed it out.

The only reason I bought this was because I started smelling transmission fluid through the boot, so I went ahead and did it. My shifter felt fine, and I didn't "think" I needed it. Boy, was I completely wrong. I had no idea such a subtle upgrade would make this much of a difference in terms of feedback.

It felt so direct, and the notchy feel that I thought was "just the car" was gone. If your car is old, I highly recommend you to just do it as a preventive maintenance. It’s a completely different experience and is very easy to install.

Perfect rebuild kit

I recently replaced my clutch and flywheel on my 2002 Miata NB SE 6 speed and noticed the lower boot was torn so I thought I should rebuild the shifter. This is a straight forward process, I watched the FlyinMiata video to make sure I understood what needed to be done in what order. That made it simple and quick. The lower boot that comes with the kit is from the NC 6 speed and is a heavier duty part, works great. It’s all back together and shifting great, well worth the time and money.

Great product

Like the other reviewer, this was for a Mazdapeed 6 speed. I realized the shifter was a bit sloppy for a while but just didn't take time to research it. When I found this kit I thought it time to address it. I also installed a new larger boot. Both mine were all torn up and the small boot was detached all the way around. Made a huge difference in the shift precision and feel. Also not getting heat up from the tunnel anymore. A winner of a product!


I recently purchased a MSM with about 90,000 miles on and I have to say I've never felt a shifter assembly as sloppy as the one in it. After doing some research and looking into some forums I decided to change my tranny/diff fluid along with this kit. I've never drove a new or low mileage MSM but if I had to guess, I would say my shifter fells the same as new. No more notchy shifts or grinds. This is an easy install and exact fit. I couldn't be happier with this product. I've decided that i'm going to do this repair every 60,000 miles along with the fluids.