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Shifter rebuild kit (2002-05 6-speed)

Shifter rebuild kit (2002-05 6-speed)

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08-46910 2001-05 6S



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The Miata has always had one of the best feeling shifters on the planet. But as they get older, some of the components start to wear and it slowly loses precision. You might not even notice, but it's not what it was. Luckily, it's easy to rebuild, and you can access everything from inside the car.

This kit includes all the pieces you need to make your shifter feel new again. All components are factory Miata parts. 

For 2001-05 6-speed transmissions built after August 2001.


small shift boot (R501-17-47Z) smooth wave washer (8599-17-482) tabbed wave washer (M505-17-482) upper shifter pivot ball bushing (Y601-17-492) lower shifter pivot ball bushing (R503-17-492) lower shifter bushing (Y601-17-515)

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