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Singular Motorsports 2.5" brake ducts

Singular Motorsports 2.5" brake ducts

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The best thing you can do to help your brakes survive on track is to keep them cool. To do that, blast them with cold ambient air.

These Singular Motorsport brake ducts direct the airflow at the back of the rotor and incorporate heat shields for the boots on the tie rod ends. They're also ABS compatible. As used on the 466 hp V8 Targa Miata.

The 2.5" hose carries 56% more air than the old 2.0" setup we used to offer, and fits well with factory undertrays. You'll have to be careful in how you route it, but it will fit with 15x9 wheels. Fits all NA and NB Miatas.

Includes two ducts, hose is not included. We recommend SCAT hose from sources such as Aircraft Spruce. It's possible but difficult to install these without removing the front hubs, so we do recommend changing the nut at the same time.

Customer Reviews

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Poor design

These ducts direct air onto the inside face of the rotor instead of the cooling veins in between the faces. It keeps the inside face cool while neglecting the outside face. I would often change the rotors on our endurance cars because the outside face heat cracks while the inside face stays in great shape. Save your money and DIY a better solution like I did.

While directing the air at the center of the rotor is certainly ideal, that's not always possible. If you have stock calipers and you're not willing to cut the ABS sensor mount off of your upright, these are as close to the center as possible, and experience has proven that they work well. The vanes will still suck the cool air through the center of the rotor, cooling both sides of the rotor.