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1999-00 head gasket set

1999-00 head gasket set

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04-29005 NGK 6


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Everything you need to remove your Miata`s head, refresh it and reassemble - right down to the thermostat.

Includes the following:

Multi-layered steel headgasket
Valve cover gasket
Thermostat gasket
Thermostat housing o-ring
Camshaft oil seals
Intake manifold gasket
Full set of 16 valve stem seals
NGK spark plugs
Exhaust manifold gasket
180 degree thermostat

Customer Reviews

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You can do it!

I was very happy with this kit! My car does not overheat anymore! I was able to do with virtually no mechanical experience. Just manage one task at a time, it is simply is a bunch of little task. I had my head resurfaced, but I was dumb and did not do change the included valve seals. Now I need to do them. If you engine was overheated enough to damage the head gasket, chances are the valve seals were damaged as well. Lesson learned for me.

Note from FM: congrats on taking this on and stretching your skills!