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NA Flyin' Miata 2.25" stainless steel exhaust

NA Flyin' Miata 2.25" stainless steel exhaust

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This is an excellent piece that's made in California specifically for us. It's got a nice deep, mellow and refined sound that's a bit louder than stock. The resonator ensures there's no rasp at all. The tip is 3" in diameter with our name laser-etched on top. The whole exhaust is polished stainless steel in 2.25" diameter tubing and carries a lifetime warranty. It's the last exhaust you'll ever buy for your Miata!

Fits all 1990-97 Miatas and comes with all the required gaskets. Great for both naturally aspirated and Stage 1 turbo Miatas. 



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Customer Reviews

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Mark M.
Looks great

This exhaust system looks great! It installed easily. The sound is good for shorter trips. Does drone on long trips. The second muffler started a mild rattle a year and a half after it was installed. The rattle was from the perforated interior pipe loosening on the entrance and exit pipes that it was slid onto.

Our exhausts have a lifetime warranty, so as long as there's no external damage to the muffler, we'll take care of the rattle. We'll reach out to Mark to get this taken care of.

Great sounding exhaust, bad quality control

The good:sounds great, built with high quality materials.

The bad:There's a significant amount of weld spatter on exhaust, even some on the tip. There's light scratching on the can. I expected better quality control from a $700 exhaust from FM.

We've been trying to get in touch with Ryan for a few weeks, but to no avail. This isn't normal and we'd love to get this figured out. Ryan, please reach out if you see this.

Great exhaust with junk bolts.... really???

I waited for this exhaust to finally come back in stock because I trust FM. I trust their products, quality, and their reputation. Everyone knows this exhaust is great - I won't fault them there. It's beautiful, well made, and I have zero complaints. HOWEVER... the bolts weren't stainless and will rust out probably within a season. How on earth do you make such a nice exhaust and then provide the cheapest bolts you can scrounge together??? An absolute joke.

Ended up buying stainless bolts at a local store and paying even more for something that should have been provided from the beginning. This exhaust is more premium than an ebay junker - the parts included should reflect that.

I hope this isn't indicative of FM's other parts.

Hi Ashley - we're really sorry you feel that way about the bolts. They're actually zinc-plated (or should be, please reach out if they're not), and while they will eventually rust it should take a long time. We've had good success with these bolts over the last couple of decades, although stainless is a great option as well. We're glad you're so pleased with the exhaust otherwise!

Holding up fine

Bought 11 years ago along with a Flyin" Miata catalytic converter. No issues and is holding up fine. Still looks good after I wipe the road dirt off.! Would buy again.

I Love It

Like Gabe, I waited a while for this exhaust to come back in stock. I had already been researching exhausts for over a year and wasn't happy with anything I saw, or more importantly heard -- except for this FM exhaust. I absolutely did not want a really loud or obnoxious exhaust. The FM exhaust is perfect. It's better than I hoped for. From start-up, there's this incredibly pleasing deep, subtle growl. Driving is pure joy -- you hear and feel it when accelerating, but when cruising you barely know it's there, which is exactly what I wanted. And when you do hear the sound, it's awesome -- low, powerful, no rasp, no drone -- perfect. It's beautiful, too. As of this writing, I see that it's out of stock again. If you're thinking of a new exhaust, this one is worth the wait. Thanks FM.