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Skunk2 64mm throttle body

Skunk2 64mm throttle body

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Feed your engine more air! If you're making more than about 180 rwhp, this 64mm throttle body will get rid of a restriction in your intake. The more power you make, the more it will help. The stock throttle body is 56mm.

It also eliminates the possibility of lost screws and broken throttle shafts on hard-driven track cars. Call it engine insurance.

Direct bolt-in replacement for stock. Due to the larger diameter, it's a bit more difficult to drive at light throttle positions so it's not ideal for street cars that spend time stuck in traffic. Idle quality can also suffer. Available in both NA8 and NB style. Includes a new gasket and all hardware. Please note that we cannot ship this product to California as it will not meet emissions regulations.


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Customer Reviews

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Great in every way but idle, stalls on idle

Used both on SC, and NA, definitely more power if you have a programable ECU, like Megasquirt; however, unlike the previous review, its been impossible to obtain an idle that will not stall out when you come to a stop, also has effected the AC idle up function. This is on a 1994 Miata with a 1.8 VVT conversion. Ran with Rotrex SC and NA. Will be removing and going back to the stock 94 throttle body to be able to have a smooth idle and non stalling engine when stop or turn AC on.

Well worth the money, easy install, looks great, runs awesome

Excellent quality and finish. Gasket matched the intake, bolted in together, started right up and ran perfectly without adjustment. This is on a 2004 MSM with the full FM2 turbo upgrade. Better throttle response and idle. Started it up in sub freezing temps flawlessly, idled perfectly through to warm up.